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To reach every home with the Word of God!

«TBN-Armenia» was founded in 2014, by Arsen Ashughatoyan, in alliance with Igor Nikitin, the President of RBN (Russian Broadcasting Network).

 They were joined by a team of young and talented specialists, who desire to present to the Armenian-speaking audience all the interesting, useful and constructive information which they need greatly.

With combined force, a number of projects was created, hundreds of programs, sermons and movies translated, and long-awaited news was launched as well.

«TBN-Armenia» broadcasts in Armenian language 24/7

Our vision: To reach every home with the Word of God!

Even today, we take the light of God to millions in Armenia and around the world. With your help, we can do more.

We are the first who aimed to spread the Gospel in the Armenian-speaking information space. Moreover, we offer to our viewers a broad spectrum of interesting, educational and creative programs. «TBN-Armenia» offers the most convenient and acceptable conditions for broadcasting your programs on our channel.

«TBN-Armenia» is called to fill the empty Christian niche in Armenian television. You just have to include us into your broadcast package, to develop Christian values in people, to spread the Gospel, to broadcast Biblical studies, to translate and air Christian movies, animated films and programs. Without us, your package will not be full!


Arsen Ashughatoyan
Arsen Ashughatoyan Director of TBN Armenia, Author and Host of Programs
Lusine Poghosyan
Lusine Poghosyan Broadcast Production Manager
Sergey Markov
Sergey MarkovHead of partnership development
Gayane Mikaelyan
Gayane Mikaelyan News Editor
Hayk Mkrtchyan
Hayk Mkrtchyan Video Editor
Harutyun Manukyan
Harutyun Manukyan Video Editor
Vahan Bakunts
Vahan BakuntsSound Engineer
Alla Melkonyan
Alla Melkonyan News Presenter
Hasmik Melkonyan
Hasmik Melkonyan News Presenter
Gohar Vardanyan
Gohar VardanyanNews Presenter
Lend Mkrtchyan
Lend MkrtchyanVoice over artist
Khoren Sargsyan
Khoren SargsyanTranslator, Voice over artist
Susanna Ohanyan
Susanna OhanyanTranslator
Hakob Muradyan
Hakob MuradyanTranslator
Levon Pasodyan
Levon PasodyanSound Engineer
Nika Babayan -
Nika Babayan -Website Editor, PR, SMM
David Ashughatoyan
David Ashughatoyan Website Programmer
Elya Petrosyan
Elya PetrosyanWebsite Administrator
Hasmik MInasaryan
Hasmik MInasaryanDesigner
Tatev Hayrapetyan
Tatev HayrapetyanSMM


We reach millions with the Word of God in Armenia and around the world. The seed, which you sow in the soil of TBN Armenia, gives opportunity to millions to hear the Word of God, to follow the news and to spread the teachings of Christ. We need your support!

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